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DNA Air Filter Service Kit for Motorsport DSK-2001

DNA Air Filter Service Kit Generation 2

DNA Filters
Fabricante : DNA Filters
Número de Pieza : DSK-2001Auto
Barcode : 5212008365110
Disponibilidad : Disponible

The DNA Air Filter will serve you for many years and will need very little care using the DNA Service Kit. When the filter is dirty, simply follow the instructions that you can find in the service kit, allow the filter to dry, re-oil and you are ready to use your filter again, like new!

Official DNA Filters Distributor
Supplier Warranty
* Pida ahora su paquete saldrá de nuestro almacén en menos de 72 HORAS * Trazar su paquete en cualquier momento a través del número de seguimiento que le enviaremos a usted a través de SMS y correo electrónico

detalles del producto

Product Information

Part Number: DSK-2001

Style: Service Kit

Weight: 0.60 KG / Content

Content: 220 ml OIL & 270 ml CLEANER


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