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AR812 Electronic Control Panel for 230Vac Swing Gates

Built in 433,92 MHz PLL radio receiver with memory for up to 250 controls

Fabricante : Autotech
Número de Pieza : AR812
Barcode : 5210119000920
ERP Code : ATG-0035

AR812 control board is suitable for two 230VAC actuators for single or double swinging gate. The max absorption of the device is 650 W per 230Vac 50Hz. The setup of the parameters must be carried out after the installation of all the equipment.

Official Autotech Distributor
Supplier Warranty
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detalles del producto


  • Built in 433,92 MHz PLL radio receiver with memory for up to 250 controls
  • Motor torque control
  • Slow speed time setting
  • Automatic closing setting
  • Input for safety device such as photocells, sensitive edges or safety edges
  • Input for automatic opening device such as motion tracking device, inductive loop detectors or infrared sensors
  • Input for pedestrian open button
  • Output for blinker or courtesy lights
  • Easy working time setting
  • Diagnostic LED for installation and working testing
  • Size: Enclosure 250 Χ 190 Χ 100 mm PCB: 165 X 100
  • SMD technology/ CE Compliance

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